Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Visions of Farmers markets spinning in my head

It's been less than a year since my self-taught, trail-and-error cupcake hobby/business was born...I NEVER thought I would be where Im at with this already and Im SO excited for what the future brings. Ive found myself not being able to stop for one second thinking about the farmers market next year and MAKING THIS HAPPEN for myself....In an earlier post I was talking about getting some shallow "tubs" to store my cupcake's in a jar in during those hot and humid Iowa farmers markets....well, I FOUND IT!!!! it's about $250.00, but it is TOO cute not to get...Using this as an "ice tub" and placing my cupcake jars on top is going to FOR SURE be an eye catcher! I still want to use something different for the cupcake kabobs (maybe), still looking around...Maybe an OVERLY large novelty "baking pan" that I can fill with ice and then just set my oblong tray over it. Who knows....we've still got time.

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